Born from God

I was overcome with tears this morning… my heart aches … for all who (including me) have been hurt by “superficial” / on-the-surface Christian teachers/church that we turned to alternative teachings.

The deeper esoteric understanding of Christ’s teachings, to me is TRUTH. I received an understanding “written in my heart” from the Holy Spirit. This is THE MESSAGE, the understanding I yearned for. (I made peace and forgave those who hurt me, after all nobody knows it all and we are all on a growing path.)

In short: Rebirth means your spirit gets to be reborn by God. (“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:12-13) i.e. your spirit are reborn and then the process of renewing your mind (understanding) follows. This have an impact which will influence your soul¹ (mind and emotions) and body. It works on ALL levels, although in the physical you’ll still look the same, especially when you look in the mirror. 🙂

Your relationship with God was restored via the crucifixion of Jesus, our Intercessor, who died once for everyone. (Past, present and future generations.) That’s why it was such a pivotal and holy event. To be reborn means your spirit is now birthed by God, it is holy and righteous. It means that you now have permission, through Jesus, to enter into His throne room.

With this, your spirit (not the same as your soul¹) is now also united with Christ due to the process of rebirth through faith and by grace. (This is crucial  to understand! The reborn spirit is the part that is being ignored by many. 1 Corinthians 6:17-20) . It is clean as if you have never sinned. (As was with Adam and Eve before they sinned). Before this event nobody was allowed to enter into the Holy Presence of God except one priest after completing cleansing rituals. That is also why we do everything in the name of Jesus. As Jesus is, so are we in spirit, (1 John 4:17) immediately! The process in the physical/carnal world, will be slower and depends on the rate of renewing our minds.

You get the authority to live a victorious life on ALL levels, through faith in Jesus Christ.

The real meaning of Christ , who was truly human and truly Divine, the miracle of His birth, his death as the first Adam, His resurrection as the second Adam (discussed in the first chapters of Romans) and the implications of the exchange on the cross, cannot be understood with human reasoning/intellect. The understanding/renewing only comes when the Holy Spirit writes it in your heart and renew you mind. Nothing of this is possible or brought into fruition out of one’s own efforts. Only through faith and by the grace of God.

The divine spiritual “body” is birthed (activated) as soon as we earnestly, sincerely and with great humility, accept Christ and start living in Him and through Him. Nothing explains this relationship better than “The true Vine” in John 15.

Through this relationship, in total humility and surrender, we are able to live victoriously during the remainder of the current age and become part of the coming age (the new heaven and the new earth) and enter into eternal life as the new divine human,  an immortal being, similar to the transfigured body Christ got after his resurrection.

Bottom line, with the fall of Adam and Eve, the human race lost their relationship and connection with God.  Through Jesus and our willingness to accept Him as our redeemer, our “connection”and relationship is restored with God as long as we remain in Him (Jesus). (John 15:4)

¹ Your soul is your emotions and thought “processes”, your mind (subconscious, part of your psyche, inner self, ego, etc) .


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