A Godly Race


(First chapters of Romans)

Christianity is not just to save you from hell in order to go to heaven, that too, but the most profound Truth is that in the death of Jesus on the cross and with His resurrection, a new Adamic race was created which will eventually come into full fruition with the second coming of the Lord. The day we rise from the dead to meet Him in our new bodies.

We as current mortals who believe in Jesus and surrendered our life to Him, by grace and faith, gets an “overhaul”, a new reborn spirit from God which start to transform our soul and physical body as well. To grow more into holiness as we grow in Christ. To become Christ-like. We get to be partakers in His Divinity in and through Christ. A victorious life in and through Christ is the greatest gift God gave His children. 

A victorious life in ALL things for the remainder of our earthly life as well as eternity. It’s not just a question of going to heaven, it’s about an eternal life in the presence of God. It’s the restoration of the “relationship” between God and humans after the fall of Adam and Eve when this relationship was severed. 

If I didn’t study esoteric and metaphysical “principles” to understand some principles of energy healing in my earlier years, in my search for God, I wouldn’t understood the deep “metaphysical” and mystical teachings of Christianity. Most Christians shy away from the supernatural and they rob themselves of THE TRUTH and the Kingdom of God. All these supernatural laws i.m.o. have been put, “created”, by God since the beginning.

Satan hi-jacked it for his own purposes to cause, destruction, death, and to rob us from a glorious life to live in the presence of God. ( I believe satan and his angels / evil spirits is also known as “bad energy” in alternative circles.)

Derek Prince teachings helped me to understand this “principle”.

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